Murder Burger is a restaurant branding concept geared towards attracting fans of police dramas, horror films, true crime documentaries and biographies.  The restaurant tables and interior will be decorated with newspaper clippings of true crimes.  The menu features a case file as the outer jacket, and specials will be Polaroid photos paper-clipped to the menu which is printed on newsprint using Baskerville, an official typeface of the government of Canada as well as the what is found in police report forms.  Server tickets will be written up as an evidence tag.  Aprons/uniforms will be printed with blood drips where the name tags are pinned.  All dishes are named on theme, and referent to real and fictitious murder stories.  Food will be served with cutlery stabbed into it.

Newspaper Menu with daily specials paper clipped to the menu

Service Ticket

Exterior Signage advertising for specials

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